Johnathan Rice “My Heart Belongs To You” (Music Video)

“they all appear to be waiting for the appearance of someone named Rico (which appears to be a pretty lady sporting a glued-on mustache). As their hero gets closer, the fans lose control completely and things take a dark turn. Eventually, the pining chorus becomes rather literal.”


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Jenny Lewis “See Fernando” (Music Video)

-Paste Magazines Top 50 Music Videos of the Decade
#6 Jenny Lewis – See Fernando
The infinitely more colorful bastard child of The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video, “See Fernando” is great, gorgeously shot fun. Starring Jenny Lewis and friends as campy secret-agent assassins.

-Official Selection Los Angeles Film Festival

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Sea Wolf “Wicked Blood” W/ Shannyn Sossamon (Music Video)

“Shannyn Sossamon and the band appear in this brand new Alan Tanner-directed video for Sea Wolf’s “Wicked Blood”. There’s an obvious Halloween theme running through the clip with Sossamon being chased by ghouls and key figures that your parents warned you about…like that Santa Claus guy, he can’t be trusted.”

-Surfing On Steam

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Wavves “Bug” (Music Video)

Things you’ll find in the Alan Tanner-directed video for Wavves’ “Bug”, from the Life Sux EP: board games, beer cans, what is presumably weed being smoked, mermaids, cops, a guy that kills cops, and a blood-splattered picture of Dave Grohl (of course).

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Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band “Souled Out”

“A Science of Sleep whimsical vibe fuels the video for “Souled Out!!!” the first single from Conor Oberst’s new self-titled solo album. Oberst and his new backing band, the Mystic Valley Band, play in front of green screens, and Oberst is treated to a haircut, gets snowed on and peeps on some people canoeing.”


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